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Maura Casey,
editor and writer If you have something to say, I can help. A powerful message depends on finding the right words.

Maura Casey (on right) and her sister Ellen (on left)

Saving Ellen: A Memoir

Read the opening chapter from my forthcoming memoir. Saving Ellen is a story about the family turmoil, moments of grace and unexpected humor surrounding my sister’s struggle with kidney disease when transplants were almost unheard of.

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  • Editing

    Every writer needs an editor. The arc of my editing experience over 40 years has run the gamut from newspapers and commentary to novels and memoirs. If you are engaged in the written word, I can make your words better.

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  • Workshops

    Writing a successful op-ed that gets published and widely shared is harder than it looks. My seminars help improve writing skills and more: they also delve into the art of having an angle on a topic that is bound to get editors’ attention.

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Solving Your Communication Challenges and Helping You Tell Your Story

I help executives, individuals and organizations with their communication needs. I've been published widely and have won 45 different journalism awards—and  I will put my experience to work for you.

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