Speech: The Press Under Donald Trump


WATERFORD, CONN. - Maura Casey argued that the American press will face challenges not seen in decades, perhaps ever, under the Trump administration in a speech that took place at Temple Emanu-El on Jan. 15. 

She argued that Donald Trump's election is part of a decades-long downward trend in American trust of institutions. Yet the president elect by his very personality is something not seen in a president. 

"Trump abused journalists in the campaign, attacked the media constantly and he has continued a pattern of distorting the truth and outright lies in his tweets and speeches," Casey said. "Fake news? Trump invented it by his years-long campaign of lies that questioned where Obama was born. So how does the news media handle the new political reality? We do our jobs, that’s how.

"But we do it smarter."

Casey argued that the only way the press will be able to serve the American people is if it redoubles its efforts to practice good jouranlism - writing precise headlines, digging for information, and not getting distracted by the presidential elect's superficial tweets. 


Casey receives lifetime achievement award
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