Videography Services

A picture really is worth a thousand words. An astounding 75 percent of journalists and media editors want visual elements such as video with news content, a 2012 Pressfeed survey said. Yet, according to the same survey, 45 percent of media consultants say that video isn't important when they distribute a press release. Why the disconnect? Internet-savvy editors understand that video makes traffic soar; too many companies haven't caught up with that reality.   The bottom line: Your communication isn't complete without video. It makes your webpage attract visitors and makes apparent the power of your work.

That’s where A&R Pictures comes in.

A&R Pictures is a Connecticut company run by the husband-and-wife team of Anna and Robert Piech. They bring talent and energy to a variety of visual products, combining music and graphics to give that professional spark to corporate videos, testimonials and web videos. With research showing that videos significantly increase Internet traffic to individual websites, film is a particularly effective way to increase commerce and offers the most creative means for delivering the messages you want to send.

With experience working for MTV, WWE and ESPN, A&R Pictures offers a sophisticated array of services for all your video needs. 

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